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3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

Gimbal Stabilizer is an action gimbal stabilizer, perfect for taking selfies, group photos, filming, vlogging, and steady tripod shots, which work with most smartphones perfectly. Help you take cinematic videos or high-quality photos at home or outdoor activities.


From fast-moving action, like sports, to vlogs and interviews, to documentaries and independent features, the design sophistication and convertibility make it a unique production tool. Aside from the modes mentioned above, this tool features the basic zoom/focus control, all following/all lock/pan following/pan & tilt following modes & 3 ¼ Screw hole for accessories such as a tripod or a video light.

3 Video Shooting Modes

There are 3 shooting modes with different locking features for you to choose from, which can meet your shooting needs in various situations. Ensure that every action or object, whether fast or slow, can be tracked, captured, and recorded.

Vertical Shooting

When you want to take a vertical shooting, you only need to use the hand gesture in the instruction to change the attitude, without turning off the gimbal, saving labor cost and time.


Holding the trigger and clicking the function button to change your filming angle easily instead of manual operation. Easily find the best shooting angle you need. Giving you a perfect shooting experience.


  • Mobile phone clip: fixed 4-55 inch mobile phone/sports camera bracket.
  • Heading axis: 320° rotation, for left and right stability of the screen.
  • Charging indicator: the red light is always on when charging; the green light is always on when fully charged.
  • Direction joystick: Control the fine adjustment of up, down, left, and right of the shooting screen.
  • Mode switch: Full lock state (camera is in a fixed direction) half-following state (camera is fixed in the horizontal direction) and full-following state (camera follows the movement direction of the hand).
  • 1/4 threaded bracket interface: tripod bracket interface (please connect a tripod when you need to shoot/live for a long time).
  • Camera button: When the phone is in camera mode, click to take a picture; when the phone is in camera mode, click to start/stop recording.
  • Power on/off button: Press twice continuously for a short time, the device quickly returns to the original setting position; long press for 3 seconds to turn on/off.


Charging voltage: 5V
Charging current: 0.5A
Working voltage: 3.4~4.2V
Working current: 0.2A~2A
Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh battery
Duration: about 4 hours
Working temperature: 10℃~450
Product size (L*W*H): 291*120*50mm
Material: ABS
Colour: Black

Package Included

1 * Handheld gimbal
1 * USB data cable
1 * Product instruction manual
1 * Box