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Curve Eau De Toilette Cologne for Men, 4.2 Oz

Masculine, rugged, and sensual CURVE Men is the perfect scent for the powerful man. Infused with rich ingredients and blended with neroli, lemon, pineapple geranium mahogany, amber, and musk, CURVE Men will have women falling at your feet. As a best-selling fragrance, it's no surprise that other brands and big names have tried to re-create their own perfumes to match the delicious heady sent of CURVE Men, but this cologne is a one-of-a-kind blend that can never be imitated. A quick search in your finder will show that CURVE Men has received rave reviews online from men all across the world. With a genius mixture of coriander, clary sage, lavender, cedar, and pineapple, the intoxicating smell of CURVE Men will keep you smelling fresh and sharp no matter where you go. This is cologne will have you craving more of it after just one spray. CURVE Men also for a great gift. Whether you're thinking of purchasing a new perfume for your father, a rollerball for your brother who loves to travel, or a refill of your favorite parfum for your own collection, CURVE Men will replace all other scents. With unique, aromatic, and green notes, CURVE Men will be a great new addition to any men's collection. Packaged in a simple green and classic container, CURVE Men is the only accessory every man needs. And with the new found confidence it will bring you, you will never want to leave home dressed without it.